Cutlist Diagramm only shows rectangles

Hi there,

I’m a bit desperate right now. I have drawn a Modell in Sketchup which I have to built coming week. There is quite a lot of sheet good which will have to be cut, so I want to give this work away.

However, when I tried to create a Cutlist (using Open Cutlist), the parts are not displayed “correctly”. For example, I have some triangles as base for a ramp. The cutlist only shows the lenght and the width of the component (adjacent and opposite side) and in the cutting diagramm only rectangles are placed on the sheet. Obviously I need my carpenter to cut a triangle and not a rectangle for me.
Is there a possibility to get the exact component with all angles and stuff on the Cutlist? Hope you can understand me, hard to explain it in english :see_no_evil:

Thanks in advance for any help!


The extension is only able to show the shapes of the component bounding boxes. So the answer to your question is no. You can lay out copies of the components to show what you need, though.

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Thanks for the quick replie, this safes me at least some time of trying.

So basically I have copy everything which is not a rectangle, lay it in one layer, put measures on it and the print it?
Is there another plugin which maybe have this feature?

All of the cutlist extensions work the same way using the bounding boxes of the components/groups. There are some CNC programs that can import a SketchUp model and lay out the parts the way you are thinking.

Are you sending your sheet materials to a shop for CNC cutting?

No, they will cut the old way on a table saw. The shapes are actually really simple, retangles, triangles, some cut off sides, some bevels.

I do have the autocad products and solidworks. Do you think it would be a better alternative to try it there?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make so I presume you are a hobbyist. Since you already have the model created in SketchUp, I would just lay out the components by hand and be done with it. You can do this quickly with just the Move tool. I would start by drawing a rectangle the size of the sheet so you can make sure the parts fit.