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Hi all,

I am using SketchUp Make 2016 and the Cutlist 4.1 extension. I am having some difficulties in getting the cutlist layout printout to tally with what is actually in my project, and I wondered if anyone could help please!

Firstly, the boards I am able to get here are 2.6 metres in length, and I can only see an option for 2.4 metres or 3.2 metres in the Cutlist settings. Is there a way I can amend this in an ini file or something similar so that I can include 2.6?

Secondly, in this current project (a screen door) I have made each section of the door into a component, then instead of grouping them as the door (I read somewhere here that grouping and the cutlist extension don’t work very well together) I highlighted all the individual components and made a door component. I wonder if this is causing issues, but am not able to work it out.

I went into “Model Info” and purged unused components to see if that would help but it didn’t.

Here is a screenshot of the components - 1 upright (which I copied for the other side), 1 horizontal (which I copied to make the 3 in total) and 1 narrow upright to attach hinges to. I’ve attached the cutlist layout printout which seems to be doubling the door pieces. However the cutlist printout seems to have the correct number, which is weird. I’ve attached that also.

If anyone can tell me how to fix/avoid this it would be much appreciated!


screen-door-layout-2.4m.pdf (277.4 KB)

screen-door-cut-list-2.4m.pdf (188.1 KB)

How about sharing the SketchUp model so we can see how you’ve modeled it?

Not without editing the script.

I wonder where you read that and what it actually referred to.

The Cutlist extension only reports the dimensions of the bottom level components/groups. Unless you have some other reason to create a nested component/group, you don’t need to do that but it won’t affect the cutlist output.

Hi Dave, I’ve tried to upload the project (.skb) but it says it’s an invalid file type? (444.5 KB)

Aha zip worked :slight_smile:

.skb is the backup file. Uploading the working file (.skp) would work but never mind. I’ll manage with the zip file and the .skb.

Thanks Dave

OK. So looking at Outliner you can see that there are three of Component#3 inside the Door Frame component. You just have one of them hidden.
Screenshot - 4_7_2021 , 2_37_04 PM

Deleting the extra stile results in the correct number being shown in the cutlist.

Setting the Layout section for thicker nominal stock allows the layout to show the boards correctly, too.

It would be a good idea to give your components useful names so the cutlist is decipherable.

Thank you very much for looking at this for me Dave. Is Outliner an extension? I can’t find it as a window or in any of the menus? Also, please forgive my ignorance but I don’t understand what 5/4 is in the nominal board thickness section that you suggested I update. My boards are 2cm thick

Sorry Dave I renamed the components as you suggested and found the outliner, but I can’t see the eye icons next to the components that you can see. I’ll upload the new skp if you don’t mind

screen-door-oversized-exploded.skp (204.5 KB)

No. You should be able to find it in the Default tray in the Window menu.

5/4 is 1 and 1-1/4 in. It’s a common way to describe the thickness of lumber in North America. Using the slightly thicker nominal thickness makes the layout work.

FWIW, I would suggest that you get in the habit of modeling the components in the correct orientation in the model space. This will reduce chances for errors. Also aligning the model so the front of it is aligned with the red axis will make it easier to use the standard views for showing the model.

As you have it set up:

Notice the location and orientation of the component axes. Evidence of modeling flat on the ground plane and then rotating up to vertical. Also notice the locations of the of the component origins on the rails.

Here I’ve rotated the model to align with the red axis and correcting the component axes and origins.

And after giving the components names, the cutlist.

Your profile says you are using the ancient SU2016. The eye icons weren’t added until SU2020.

FWIW, I don’t find the layout portion of the cutlist all that useful for solid wood parts. It has no way to account for knots, bad grain or flaws in the wood anyway. No cutlist tool can do that. Probably better to just get your cutlist and remember to give yourself some allowance for cutting around the bad spots.

Thanks for your patience and help Dave. I can’t seem to find the hidden component you pointed out, so my cutlist layout is still printing out doubles. If it’s possible to do that without having to reinstall the program that would be great, as I don’t think what little hair I have left would survive the challenge :wink:

Please can you tell me how to rotate the model correctly. I had no idea I had it oriented incorrectly, thank you for pointing that out.

Open the door component for editing and then go to the Edit menu and click on Unhide>All.

Outliner in your old version won’t show hidden objects, either. Might be a good idea to update to the current version of SketchUp.

Rotating it is simply a matter of selecting all of the components and using the Rotate tool to rotate them 90° so they align along the red axis. The alignment that you have isn’t the end of the world but if you wanted to make a view of the model showing the door from the front, you’d need to use the standard Right view and the standard Back view for the edge of the door.

If you do your modeling with things oriented as you’ll use them, you’ll spend less time screwing around getting them oriented correctly and you’ll have less chance of inducing errors. Although you would build this most of this door laying flat on your bench in the shop, you don’t need to do that in SketchUp. There’s no chance it’ll just fall over on you while you are working on it.

Thankyou Dave. I had a look at updating the app but it looks like it is no longer free and I can’t afford the 300 dollars presently to get the app. The free option is web browser based which I’m not used to, so I’ll slog it out with 2016 for now.

I have tried unhiding all but nothing additional is shown for me to delete. I’ve renamed the components and reoriented (hopefully correctly). Please would you mind one last look at the new project to see if I can get rid of the redundant component using 2016 options?

screen-door-oversized-exploded.skp (206.8 KB)

As long as you are just using this as a hobby, that’s fine or you could update to SU2017 Make which is still supported by the Extension and 3D Warehouses.

That extra copy isn’t in the last version of the file you uploaded. It is in the one in the zip file, however. It’s nearly overlapping the other other stile on that side of the door.
Screenshot - 4_7_2021 , 3_49_34 PM

Thanks a lot Dave - I really appreciate your help and patience in explaining to me. It’s driven me bonkers these past few days! I deleted the redundant component from the previous project and the cut list was still showing doubles, but I unticked “Use dressed boards widths for layout” from the cutlist settings and it worked! Weird, but at least it is working. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

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