Is there a easy way to generate dimensions of your components?

When I searched for this I found and extension called builder. This is suppose to create a cut list for components. I have not tried this, but this may be what I am looking for but wanted to ask here first if there are other alternatives.

My need is 2 fold:

  1. A cut list which would tell me what size of material I need for each component.
  2. A detailed dimensioned drawing for each component to be used when creating the component.

Don’t laugh but right now I have saved a copy of model with just each component with dimensions added. I export the 2-D print file and use it in shop. Attached is an example of one such drawing.


See my response in your other thread for a suggestion of a cutlist extension.

This really needs to be done by you. Your image shows some redundant dimensions and some that are conflicting. If you want to create plans, you might find it worthwhile to look at SketchUp Pro so you can use LayOut.

I may step up to SU Pro in time. So for now, with free SU Make, is this the best I can do? Can I use layers for dimensions to minimize the number of files I am currently generating (1 for each component)?

I got your feedback for cut list, thanks.


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Yes you can use layers and scenes to aid in your creation of views of the model. Creating separate files for each part is about the most inefficient workflow I can think of.

I make copies of the components in the same model space and use those for the scenes.

Thanks. I guess layers and scenes is next for me to learn :blush:

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