Viewing dimensions of component


How can I select a component and see what the dimensions of that component are? Or can I?


You can add dimensions with the Dimension tool or measure it with the Tape Measure tool. There used to be a plugin that would give the dimensions of a component’s bounding box but the author withdrew it and it’s no longer available.

You could also use an extension like CutList to give you the overall dimensions. With CutList 4.1.x if you have only one component selected, it’ll give you only that component’s dimensions.


Thanks Dave. Reason for asking was in trying to change dimensions on the fly. I would up using the tape measure tool to see what I had and then push/pull to make changes.
I need to add Cutlist but there is no PlugIn menu item in 2017. Where do I get it, and How?


There won’t be an Extensions menu until you’ve installed an extension. Go to Window>Extension Warehouse and search for CutList the author is Steve R. Click Install. After it installs and loads, you should see the Extension menu.

What sort of model are you making?


Got it. And thanks once again.


Is 4.1 for SU PRO (2018) only? Didn’t work on the component in SU Make.


No. It’s the same version it’s been for several years since the author passed away. How did you install it? What does it do when you try to run it?


I didn’t understand the output, the component I picked had 9 items in it. Tried it on another component that was a single item and figured it out.

Thanks for the tip!


It reports only the dimensions of the lowest level components.


Here is another report tool: