What dimensions?

A few years ago on the Forum there was a discussion about how to display dimensions of a component or group, without having to go into each component or group separately. At the time DaveR advocated the use of the jf_getDimensions plug-in, which seems to have disappeared. (correct me by replying with a link if someone knows different!). But has something been produced since then, that allows a simple display of basic dimensions, just so that you can compare components and groups with very similar geometry?
Normally I just rely on Entity Info, and that’s fine if the model and number of similar components is modest; BUT, when you have a case like I have at the moment, where there are hundreds of steel structure parts that are very similar in length and geometry, and they were not all made into components or groups before importing into SU, I would love to find a tool that could show me a list of the different lengths of selected items. That helps me identify the components that need editing.
ThomThom’s Component Comparison (beta version) has a useful functionality, but it seems to be only on a one-by-one basis.
Are there other ideas out there?

SD Mitch - GetDimensions