Help. Searching for a transversal dimensionning tool


I’m searching for an extension for automatize dimensionning (or annotating with length, quantity, profil) on Layout (and/or SU).

Something like this

Do you know an extension to do that with SU ?

to do something like this



Did you search the extension Warehouse ?

Hi Dan, of course… But not what I want :pensive:

Thanks Dave… But no :wink:… I need something like in my video… All automatic for big steel contructions :wink:… Someone else please :blush:… I’m searching it for sketchup since many years, tried it with DC but not full automated… I’ve solutions with tekla and Autocad… But still not for SU…

Thx again!

Sorry for trying.

Maybe you’ll have to write your own extension to do it.

Don’t be sorry… :grin:… Thx again for trying!

have you looked at @medeek’s tools…

it looks like something they may do…


Hi John, thx. I’ve not tried it again but I’m following meedek thread with interest… But not for automatic annotation like I want for clad and steel roof. Thx!

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I’ve done some automating of dimensions (not in Layout but in the model) for the Wall plugin.

Take a look at this thread:

To my knowledge there is no easy way to automate things in Layout but I haven’t looked into it in detail for a while since I’ve been busy with other development.

This is sort of what I think your asking for. I don’t own it so I can’t say.

VBO Dimensions YouTube

VBO Dimensions home

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Thx Nathaniel for your answer and respect for what you’ve :+1:… Have you seen the video and the picture I’ve posted… And is it possible with medeek?.. And as you’re there :grin:… Do you think steel cladding and roof could be done with your tool… (one more time I’ve still not tested it… Sorry :wink:)…

Thx again and I’ll read your link.

Thx too for your answer!

VBO Tools are cool (dimensions and others)… But I want to do this


  1. Creating facade
  2. Selecting facade
  3. Click :+1: and quantity/length… Profil, materials… What I want from its attributes (why not) are automatically in front of the groups of components (like in the picture)

Thx to you all for your answers, I appreciates :blush:

Apparently wasn’t even close to useful for you so no big deal that it’s gone.

I remind that one day I read something about @pcmoor that was created with DC text changer so that the length of the component was write front the DC with 3dtext… It’s cool and approach what I want to do, but it’s not as automatic than I want (for big industrial projects)… I thought about using the bounding box around the components with same length to annotate with the quantity x length… But it’s still not automatic…

So, if there’s no extension, I’ll have to continue manually or with DC :smirk: