Faster dimensioning, similar to chief architect, and other programs:

In chief architect, if you select the dimension tool and you draw a line across say an entire floor plan, anywhere the line is intersecting walls for example, upon letting go of the dimension tool after drawing a line through and anywhere on the plan, dimensions will auto populate and show all dimensions where walls intersect the dimension line drawn across the plans.

I would love to see the option to have a much faster way of dimensioning. Personally I would do this where the dimension tool in layout could find not only walls, but tags, therefore drawing a line across a plan quickly would auto populate dimensions between tags or specific tags chosen that intersect the line drawn, essentially having instant dimensioning capabilities.

I would love to see if this feature could be implimented in a reasonable timeframe, hopefully not waiting 3 + years for something like this.

there is a VDO plugin

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Auto magic dimensions, in the warehouse

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