Looking for any hot tips on faster dimensioning

Is there any faster way to do the attached workflow? Wondering if I am missing some function of the dimension tool that might speed this up.

Double clicking a new point after setting the first measurement only gives me a dimension between that point and the last point. I guess I’m wondering if there is a way to quickly dimension multiple points back to the same point (in this case, the top of each angled stud back down to subfloor).

Also attached example of the final output I am looking for.

My two cents, if I were to build that frame and had to look at all those dimensions…pfff
Showing all dimensions doesn’t mean that a drawing gains in clarity, but that could be just me.
I guess it is important to know who is building it and what methods they use.
If they have a CNC, you might just send an excel sheet with part names and dimensions, only showing the part names in the LayOut document.
If the builder plans to prefab with just a trimming saw, an angle and a few dimensions would suffice, for the rest would be measured and trimmed ‘during the build’
Suppose the rafter or beams are just a few mm of the standard height?


I agree with @MikeWayzovski. That looks like there are way too many dimensions in your illustration. The framers I know would get a few major dimensions off of it and then it would end up under the seat in their pickup truck.


I agree with both of you! Unfortunately this is what my boss asked me to do ;-).

Setting aside the insanity of modeling framing down to a cut list with 16’s of an inch, do you understand my question about dimensioning?

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I understand your question but there isn’t a faster way to add dimensions in LayOut than to just get down to it.

you could use the label tool and display the vertices coordinates

It is a feature that could be improved to nominate which though as 0.0, is redundant

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I love it! I am just imagining the average chippy getting out his calculator to work out the dimensions he actually needs to know from that data set. It ain’t happening!

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I was a chippy for 25 years, Ist & 2nd fix :blush:

Well, Phil, unless you and your mates down under were very different back in the day from the ones I meet on site in the UK nowadays, my comment stands. The earlier points about the usefulness of so many dimensions are also apposite. It suggests the OP’s boss isn’t experienced in how people on site or in a workshop would go about constructing that frame. You would need dimensions for the outer studs but then you would surely just string a line between them and mark off intermediates with it.

Experience has taught me that you should put in as few dimensions as possible because error and confusion grows more likely the more there are. The skill is in knowing what is important and what isn’t.


Maybe this might help ?

Interesting - I’ve seen this extension before but haven’t tried it out. When I went to VBO’s website, they say that " ***SketchUp LayOut 2019.2 have this feature come with the software. DON’T BUY THIS Plugin if you are updated to version 2019.2!!!***"

Any idea what they are talking about?

This seems like a really slick way to do it! I can’t find much info on how to change “smart labels” in SU 2019.2. There appears to be a label that could just do the trick? Can’t get it to work in layout though.

Use layout label tool, click on vertex, blue arrow to select vertex data, double click coordinates, the start again, default will now be coordinates


the coordinates are in reference to axis in the model, for for needful results move the object to suit, I temporary placed the axis at the first stud position, the results give the long point length of the studs

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These a very talented Vietnamese guys who excel at documentation in SU/LO… unfortunately some things get lost in translation, I don’t have a great need for extensive dimensioning so although aware of their work don’t actually need it myself.

I use auto magic dimension plugin for sketchup. The developer is open to improvements and has added suggestions that i have made. It speed up my work flow and great for alignment and of set on the demensions itself. https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/auto-magic-dimensions