This evenings question: Dimensioning

Good Evening All;)

To all the drafters out there, or anyone who knows the answer to this question:

What is the proper way to dimension a drawing that has all 4 standard views? I want to start making engineering drawings of my parts now, but I do not know any of the rules for dimensioning basic or complex parts.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, you pose a question that is somewhat difficult to answer without seeing what you want to dimension.

The logical approach should dictate that overall dimensions be identified and intermediate dimensions be shown in subsequent strings.

You should upload a model or a screenshot to illustrate your dimensioning concerns.

I did a web search for “drafting dimensioning standards” and the first search result is an interesting PDF.


Lol, i dont know why i never attach a model or screenshot haha. I will do that asap. Im in class at the moment.

@other user, thanks for the pdf. I will start looking at it as well

here is an example part:)

connecting rod.skp (638.9 KB)

is layout the best option to make drawings?


I would make the model in Sketchup and then add dimensions and other information in LayOut. This is a basic start. You can create separate scenes for each view or as I did here, make copies of the model and rotate them. I used 3rd Angle Projection but if 1st Angle is the standard where you are, use that instead.

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I use third angle as well. im in the states:)

I have not used layout that much. so once I create the copies like you did, how much spacing do I put between the copies or can I adjust each view in layout?

Also, once I have made the copies, do I just import the .skp into layout or is there a specific way to handle this?

For dimensioning this part, how would one dim the rib section? do I need another view for this or are the three views plenty for this?

thanks again:) I know your at base camp so whom ever else wants to chime in, feel free:)

When I get home I’ll see what I can do if someone doesn’t chime in. You could do a Google search for info on making technical drawings especially with 3-view setups. There are standards.

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thanks:) i appreciate that. so far i have created this:

Next is how to add different views such as a section view, a auxilary view etc. But i think this might be harder to do since the models themselves are not solids per-se` . They are folded paper that can retain water haha

Have fun with the basecamp. i can wait, i am in no big hurry. I have other exams i need to do for solidworks this weekend:)

It’s a good start apart from one thing. The scale of your top view seems to be at odds with the elevations. Maybe that is deliberate? If so, you would presumably confirm the different scales when you title the various views.

Yes, SU is a surface modeller. It doesn’t really understand the concept of solidity. However, when you do a section you can elect to add fill so that it looks solid.

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Whats this fill option you speak? I have not looked for it or thought of it haha.


The filled section cuts is a feature that’s added in version 2018.

As @MikeWayzovski points out, the fill is a 2018 feature and you seem to be using 2017. However, if you don’t want to upgrade yet, you could try the Skalp extension which creates quite advanced section cuts with fills.

Tee hee.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ( GD&T )


A start for example

Yeah, i cant wait to get 2018. There are some nice features i have heard:)

I will check out that extension. It will hopefully help me out with what i need.

Well you might want to hang on because 2019 will be here in a few weeks.

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lol, i get mine through department of education since i teach. HOWEVER, i am also a aerospace engineering student and i might just buy the student version of 2019.

Will the student version have the same features? Can i still 3d print? print other documents?


sorry for sidetracking the thread

No one can really answer questions about future versions of SU as Trimble keeps it all under very tight wraps. Even the release date is never known in advance. All anyone can go on is past experience. That suggests that the new version is released in November. It also suggests that there will be no reduction in functionality and almost certainly an increase in it. I have been using SU for about 15 years and the only time I can think of where there was (a small) loss of functionality was when Google pulled out and we lost the link between SU and Google Maps.

Do know why they keep it under wrap. Last 2 update very disappointing and the dropping of 2017 free desktop updates a very very very bad decision. that is the view of everyone I talk to about it. And I am a pro user