Basic Help Please Please Please!


Hi I’m Claire!

I’m an interior designer but a Sketchup beginner, new to CAD drafting and have basic questions!

  1. I have created a 3d model and need to send it and it’s 4 scenes to Layout in order to add dimensions (my training told me it’s better to add dimensions in Layout) and send to my contractor/client. I’m having trouble seeing all the scenes in Layout and even the drawings I have selected before sending to Layout don’t appear!
    Tearing my hair out!


Hi Claire,

It would be helpful if we could see what you’ve got in LayOut now so we can give you some direction. Can you upload the LayOut file?


I’m sorry. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll get some more training before I waste more time (mine and yours).




Check your private messages.


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