Better Layout Dimensions (Baseline Dimension Request)

I really want to use Sketchup and Layout for everything but something holding me back is a poor set of dimensioning tools. I would love to have a dimension tool similar to Autocads “Baseline Dimension” where you can click a point of origin and do a string of dimensions from that point. I do a lot of layout drawings where dimensions are pulled from a grid. Im tired of exporting my model to DWG for annotation and dimensioning. Please add this feature!!!

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Also I want more freedom to suppress the starting or ending line. We should have freedom to adjust the parameters of the dimensions so they are just how we need them to be. If you could replicate the control of autocad on your dimension and annotation tools then Layout releases its true value and potential.

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You can kind of do this with layout by using the double click feature.

Check out this handy link for some great layout dimension tips.


Please add baseline dimensions to Layout, such as the image below. We currently have to use white boxes to mask portions of the dimension lines to achieve this effect and it is VERY time-consuming. Also, b_clam’s comments about suppressing start/end lines is spot on! We need this feature!

I have a lot of problem in picking the points of the dimension when i have, for example, rounded corners.
Is there any tricks to do that easly? Filter for inference?

Thanks Dave,

I appreciate your in here, but I’m an architect with particular tastes as to what I want my dimensioning to look like. Frankly, and no offense, but what you are showing below is no acceptable to me. Why can’t I just make the text box completely transparent (and smaller) then the problem is fixed.

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