Dimension from base line

Hello, I wanted to ask you if you know of any way to make this type of dimensions in layout. Thanks!

Not sure if this is a question or a feature request.

If it is a feature request, it has been asked for many times before.

You can do something of the sort nevertheless, like this for example:

@Simon, dimensions from base line all start at the same point or base line. Like this.

What you show can be done by double clicking successive points after placing the first dimension.

@tatodella, there isn’t a direct way to give dimensions from a baseline the appearance you show. It could be a good feature, though. I could make use of it in some of my work to reduce clutter. Until a feature like this might be implemented though, it can be done manually and look something like this.

I edited the dimensions and moved their text boxes and then placed filled rectangles with no stroke to cover the left ends of the dimensions.

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Ok, too bad, I think it’s a great tool that is missing … mostly for architectural plans.

So, it only remains to wait for them to add it

Thank you!

It might happen that they will add it although I can think of a few other dimension features I would prefer to see added first. In any case, like I showed, you don’t have to wait for the feature to be added to get the result.

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