Layout Feature Requests



I’ve been using sketchup for about a year and layout for about 4 months. Sorry if any of these are duplicate requests as I’m new to the forum today and haven’t had time to go through all the posts as of yet. I wanted to put these out there while the ideas are in mind while using layout for some shop drawings:

  • the ability to draw in any one scene and have the lines/shapes indicated at that scenes scale on the page. (ie. a dialog/input box that when drawn, would indicate that if you wanted to show a model space 12" high shape, and your scene is set to 1/4" scale, the box would show (or allow you to enter): 12" (actual/model space) 1/4" (scaled/paper space)
  • the ability to manually enter a dimension in a dimension string and have the dimension line size to that. especially helpful if the snapping is not working because of profile shapes, lines sketchup cannot decipher correctly to snap to, etc… I use profile builder a lot and layout has a difficult time snapping to the shapes it generates
  • when paper real estate is tight, the ability to set decimal dimensions to leave off trailing zeros would be great with a global tolerance still set at 2 decimal places. ie. 7.00" to display at 7"
  • please add the leading option in the text style window (what sketchup calls SPACING). again, when real estate is tight, we like to tighten up the space between lines. “Single” is spaced too far apart, for example.


Auto numbering increments (positive and negative), ie. the ability to consecutively number items (stairs / doors / windows / rooms for instance) without having to type it out each time.

Should be able to also halt a certain part thereof. For instance, I number my first door say GD.01, I do not want to increment GD (Ground Door) but would like to increment 01 with every following click with the same text / style as the first.

Or, for some reason you do want to increment the alphabetic part you should be able to do so. I have CAD software from 2001 that can do this, why not Layout…


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