Layout - Ordinate Dimensioning



Hello SketchUp Community,

This other post I found in my search requests Running Dimensions to be a style in Layout. [Running Dimensions in Layout](Running Dimensions in Layout Using Layout’s built-in dimension method, I will normally do Baseline dimensions, shown on the left of my screenshot below.

This post is to share a way I present drawings to our company’s steel fabricator. I like to use Ordinate dimensions for them and sometimes in our own shop. It cleans up the drawing, takes up less space, and overall is easier to read in most instances. This is shown on the right side of my screenshot below. Comparing the two styles, Ordinate is clearly less messy and easier to read for complicated parts.

Running, Baseline, and Ordinate dimensions all utilize absolute dimensions, referencing a single origin point for clearer communication and to avoid compounded tolerance errors.

I wanted to share this as an item of interest and an example for any of the SketchUp team working on getting new features into Layout. It would be awesome if Layout incorporated more dimension options. Also, as a side note, dimensions to 0.000" accuracy would be stellar.

Anyway, hope to see this or a similar feature in future updates.

Happy Modeling



(I and several others have requested ordinate dimensions in the past. Never hurts to ask again.)


Exactly, figured I’d add one more voice to the request.



+1 please


I second the idea that this would be a great addition to Layout. Does anyone know where the Sketchup developers are at providing this capability?



I would also like ordinate dimensions!