Ordinate or Running Dimension in Layout FEATURE NEEDED - 2021

It’s 2021 and Why haven’t we got Ordinate or running Dimension feature in Layout already?


Yeah: That would be fine!!
I work for a lot for carpenters and draw cutting plans for beams and rafters etc. In really a lot cases this feature would make it much easier for production. Please implement this function. Thanks a lot

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I agree! This is particularly practical way to have it annotated when verifying buildings with a laser distance messure.

Running dimensions are a must in building. Example: I’m fixing a bottom plate and SIP panels will be affixed to this plate. I need to set anchor bolts at each panel junction (minimum 1200mm) that accept tie down rods via a female thread in the top!

A running dimension means the accuracy is roughly +/- say 1mm at each bolt location. With standard dimensioning (point to next point) at the end it could be say 10mm accumulatively, still not a big issue! BUT if one, say the second anchor was positioned 100mm out of whack, EVERY anchor thereafter is out by 100mm. Now we have a major issue!!!


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