Layout - bugs(?) + request

Here are a list of issues I have with Layout dimensions.

  • Is there a way of creating running dimensions? If not, could this be added please.

  • Dimension text box doesn’t auto adjust if you manually edit it AND I don’t see how to stretch it manually. Only solution so far is to move the textbox, which leaves a leader line behind (not ideal)

  • Once I’ve used a reference point (in a viewport linked to a scene), I cannot snap to it a second time for further additional dimensions.

  • Sometimes auto-scaled dimensions return a dimension text with the incorrect result. (e.g. 4000mm returns a result of 40, which suggests that my 1:100 scale is being read by Layout as 1:1)

  • If my drawing is oriented at an angle, then a straight line dimension sometimes doesn’t lay parallel to the line being dimensioned, it is assumed by Layout to be vertical or horizontal.

P.S. --> I enjoy the simplicity but consistency of results would be helpful.

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