Show Dimensions on the finished design

Is it possible to design, say a garage extension, and show the dimensions on the finished design?

Sure. How much detail do you want in the model? I mean, is the model going to be a basic box to see if it fits in your location, or were you interested in modeling it down to the lumber and fasteners? Either can be done, and dimensioned.

Whoops - this is the Layout forum. Do you already have a model, then?

Jim basically answered the question. Yes, you can add dimension in SketchUp and they will show in the viewports in LayOut or you can add the dimensions in LayOut. I prefer the latter.

If you are asking about drawing the garage extension in LayOut, it is possible but the better workflow would be to draw it in SketchUp, create scenes to show the different views you need then send to LayOut and create your plans or whatever you need there.

Hi Jim, many thanks, I haven’t started the drawing just yet, didn’t want to design everything then find I couldn’t include the dimensions for builders to quote on. I have a lot of learning ahead with this wonderful software. Will

@DaveR I am new to SketchUp and LayOut and I have done that, but the drawing doesn’t match the paper size and when I try to print the dimensions and note that I added in LayOut don’t come along with a copy and paste. Where can I find the step by step to get the right sizes matched up and then print the finished work?

Can you share the LayOut file so I can see what you’ve got? I’ll be happy to help you out and get it straightened around.

I would be happy to. How?

I sent you a PM with my e-mail address.