How can I show measurements on my drawing?

How can I show measurements on my drawing for product creation?

There is a Dimension tool in SketchUp as well as in LayOut.

Are you using SketchUp Pro as your profile says? If so, dimensioning and product build documents would generally be done in the companion program Layout, which is all about creating 2D documents from your SketchUp models.

There is a dimension tool within SketchUp that will put displayed dimensions into your model, it’s in the large tool set. Invoke the tool, click on one node and drag to another to get a dimension. However there are limited options for display and for 2D output and depending on how complex your need are you may soon reach the limits of that method and need explore a workflow using Layout.

I’m a total noob. so there is no way to show dimensions on the drawing?


Your AMAZING!! thanks so much!

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You can also get a dimension by clicking and dragging the tool from any edge. Check out the learning tracks at the Campus that I posted in your other threads. The SketchUp Fundamentals is a simple and very informative course.