How to use dimension tool and leader tool effectively in SketchUp - problems working between SketchUp and Layout

I would prefer to use the dimension tool and leader tool in SketchUP rather than in Layout. In Layout I am able to have more options with the style of the dimensions I am using and the font for leader tool, is it possible to have these same options in SketchUp?

For example I need to have my dimensions reading in line from the bottom of the page (not reading vertically). In Layout I am able to fix this but I am not sure how to fix this in SketchUp? Here is a screenshot of my dimension formatting issue:

This is part of a bigger issue for me which is that the way I am using the program, I finish my drawing in Sketchup and then send it to Layout to then put on my dimensions and labels (leaders) on it. Now if I have to go back and change something small it is impossible to edit it in Layout and if I go back to my SketchUp drawing, it has no dimensions or labels on it so I would then have to make the change in SketchUp, send it to layout out and relabel and put all the dimensions on again. It would help a lot if the changes I made in SketchUp would sync up to the Layout version or another option would be to just do all my dimensions and labels in SKetchUp to avoid working in Layout as much as possible.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could point me in the right direction for solutions to my above issues.

Sketchup doesnt have the same possibilities Layout does for dimensions or text.
They render much better in layout. If things are done right, ( color of leader lines, curved leaders etc.) any changes you make to the sketchup file will update in the Layout document - providing you haven’t changed any views in Layout by moving the camera position in the windows, this renders those now “modified” scenes as orphan and will no longer update with further changes in sketchup. So providing the changes are made in sketchup (and saved) then the corresponding reference in layout will update. Sometimes the dimensions show in red and just need to be reattached.

Also, to clarify, that the dimensions you add in Layout, only exist in layout, they will not show up in Sketchup. If you need dimensions in sketchup to reference, its good to add dimensions and have all the dimensions and leaders on separate layer so you can see it. but when you send the sketchup file to layout, make sure those views are saved with the dimension layers switched off.

Thank you. This is helpful. Can you recommend any good way to learn how to use the camera function and scenes so that I can start working between SketchUp and Layout. So far I have not been able to do this but just finish my work in Sketch Up then copy and paste it into Layout to add dimensions and labels. Thanks.

It sounds like you maybe copying and pasting 2d images into layout, which will not create a connection between layout and sketchup?

The thing to do is create a scene with your model using in “parallel projection”. go to "camera - select parallel. then click one of the views - top, right, left etc. and save that view as a “scene” - view/animation/add scene. Do this for all the views you want. so you will get a series of tabs at the top of the page. Then save the model.

In layout, “insert” the sketcup model SKP file. arrange the window where you want it, ctrl drag to add more instances of it. In the sketchup model palette/view assign the sketchup scene to each window instance.

Then you can add dimensions to the different model windows.

Later, if you modify the sketchup file and “save it” when you return to layout, either in document setup or right click on a window and “update model reference” any changes will show and the previously drawn dimension lines will update.

Insert the sketchup file into layout.
Create multiple windows of model or add them to other pages.

You can then select a scale or just start to add dimensions (scale can be changed later).
Scale precision can be set to whatever tolerance you need. (0" - 1/64th)

This is a bit fast and sloppy, but you can see here that when you go back to sketchup and alter your model - and then save it, when you go back to layout and right click “update model” those changes synchronised and the previously added dimensions will update.

Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. Sorry for my slow reply but I had to take a break from Sketchup. Upon returning this is exactly the kind of tips I needed. Much appreciated.

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