Fixing Leader and dimensioning positions in Sketchup

I honestly do not know why any drawn dimension and leaders would ever be behind an object in a view. Yeah if I only want in one scene I’d hide it then.

I’ve drawn a basic framed wall and trying to add dimensions and leader notes and as soon as I attempt to adjust a leader it suddenly jumps behind the objects. Should it not be forced to be viewed in front of everything? I should not have to group all these text elements to adjust one part.

I also cannot find anyway to adjust the thickness of the Leader and dimensioning lines. When I output, they all stay hairline.

As well why don’t the align tools (arrow keys) work with these consistently.

I do not use Layout, I do not see the need to jump between two program to do something reasonably simple.

What you’re trying to do is very simple to achieve in Layout and is exactly what it’s designed for.

Sketchup isn’t the best for dimensioning or annotation. That’s where Layout comes in to play.


I agree with @cappo. Putting dimensions and labels in SketchUp means you’re putting them into a 3D space so there will certainly be views where they will be masked by the model. Dimensioning and annotating is a 2D sport and as cappo says, it’s what LayOut is designed for. You’ll get better looking dimensions and labels in LayOut than you could get from SketchUp anyway.

I don’t have any inside knowledge but considering that dimensions and text in SketchUp have remained unchanged for at least 20 years, it’s not real likely that there will be any new features added to them in the future.

Ok, I understand that people have used Layout for this. But the tools are already halfway there under View based and align to screen. Just Align the text (in 3d space) in front of the objects in the scene.

To do my job I already have to bring these element into Illustrator and Photoshop and eventually Autocad all for various different reasons. I honestly do not want to have add another program into the mix, I had to learn Sketchup due to the previous designers library of designs. I’ve tried Layout and after 35 years of Adobe products it’s (obviously) not designed the same way and to learn a new program just to add a text box is kind of excessive.