How to Adjust Small Dimensions/add a leader to dimensions?

Hi guys,
I don’t really know how to word this, but basically I do quite a few small dimensions in my Sketchup models & I can never get them to display clearly! In AutoCAD, for example, when a dimension is too small to neatly fit the text required, it will create a line (which I think is called a ‘leader?’) & move the text somewhere that it’ll be legible. Is there a way of doing this in SU? I’ve looked in ‘Model Info’ -> Dimensions, but there doesn’t seem to be an option there.
For the sake of consistency with the other stuff I’ve done, changing the arrow to ‘none’ isn’t really an option…

Heres a screengrab of what I mean…
See how the numbers aren’t really legible?

Any help here is greatly appreciated!!



Right click the dimension and choose the “Text Position” item. Either “Outside Start” or “Outside End” will usually get the text out where you can read it.

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Perfect!! Thank you so so much! I thought there had to be a way to do it, just couldn’t figure it out for the life of me!
Thanks a million!

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