Leader text "on face"

I have been “playing” with Sketchup for several months and am still in “discovery” mode ! I recently found that dimensions can be “pinned” to item it is pointing to. The effect is that the dimension appears on the “face” of the item.

I want to achieve the same thing with leader text.

Hey there! Do you mean something like this but with the Text tool?

Exactly !

It appears that you did that using the Dimension Tool to keep it on the face (which I discovered after my post). This would be acceptable if I could make multiple line (“embed” a CR).

If this is the simplest solution, I’ll go with it and just try to keep my text short.

You can have a carriage return in a dimension. Edit the text and add \n to get a new line.

Also, the magic string <> will be replaced with the value of the dimension, so you can construct things like “The length of this side is <>” and SketchUp will substitute the correct value.

Thanks guys ! 2 great tips I will put right to work !!

Is there a way to make a dimension annotation like in the above example but with only 1/2 of the double arrow ?

You can’t change anything about the dimension arrows except the style of the head in SketchUp. You could do that in in LayOut, though.

I want the text to be on the face and pointing to the right edge

As I said, not really in SketchUp but it’s easy in LayOut.

I think generally notes and dimensions should be off the part as much as possible, anyway.

Okay. No Professional would ever do this !

If you put a tiny (0.001") line on the face, then you can use the dimension tool to add your text on that face !