Dimension Text Upside Down

I have been pulling some Layout dimension lines off at a tangent but they are Upside Down compared to the usual orientation. Does anybody know a way to avoid this?


Are you picking the points in the same order? Top and then bottom? Or the other way around?

Same order Dave.


Is it a SketchUp viewport or drawn in LayOut?

Its a SketchUp viewport. Maybe I am dimensioning them wrong. I just click on two points on the circles then hit ALT and drag a dimension line as close to a tangent as I can get.

Let me see if I can duplicate it. Could you send me your .skp to save me reproducing it? Send it in a PM if needed.

Thank you Dave

I will send the Layout & SketchUp files in a PM as its an ongoing project for a very important client :+1: there are about 20GB of point cloud files as well but I wont send those over :grinning:

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I think I see what’s going on. If the extension lines are even a little above horizontal the text is oriented so it’s closest to being upright on the page. Otherwise it would be inverted. Might make more sense to set the dimensions to be either all horizontal or all perpendicular. These are set to Perpendicular.

I’d add leaders, too.

Thanks Dave

Just trying to work out how to set them all to Perpendicular.

4th button in the alignment row.
Screenshot - 4_7_2024 , 12_05_15 PM

Perfect - thank you very much :+1:

What you said about adding leaders made me think that maybe I should add centrelines to each circle and dimension the offset, which may look more professional.

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Yes - looks much better:


I agree. And dimensioning off the centers makes more sense, too.