Layout flipped text

Hey y’all,

I believe I asked for/about this in the far past, but it’s been driving me crazy for years…

Is there any way to tell layout to NOT show the text backwards when it is flipped?

I often need to mirror full sets of architectural plans. Everything (including the dimension’s text) in LO flips without issue with the exception of text and text with leaders. With those, the text is backwards and I have to go back and manually flip each text element back one by one. It is tedious to say the least.
Why won’t the text act like the dimension’s text? Who ever wants the text reading backwards anyway?!
Please help you know how to fix this.


Hello?..anyone out there?.. :crazy_face:
Anyone else have to deal with this?
SU/LO Developers? What say you?


This is an issue that other users have voiced, and it is on our radar. It is definitely something that we want to address at some point, possibly by adding a selection context menu > flip text option that will flip all text in place, including any text blocks, label text, and table text. It looks like dimensions don’t flip their text currently so shouldn’t need any changes.

One reason we have not prevented text flipping in those other entities is that we don’t currently support right-to-left text input, so those users that need to enter text right-to-left need to be able to flip their text so it shows up frontwards. This is another thing that we need to properly support at some point.


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Thanks for the reply @adam I appreciate it.
I asked for this 5 years ago. Will we have to wait another 5 years for it not to be fixed?
Development in LO has been extremely lacking.