Need to Flip, Reflect, Mirror Entire Home Design Sheets In Layout

I use Sketchup and Layout to create construction drawings. I finished the project with Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plan, Site Plan, etc… My client now wants to flip the house design. Is there a quick way to flip or mirror the Layout sheets? In Layout I can grab the Sketchup model window plus all the dimensions, notes, etc and flip them “left to right” but then that leaves all the notes & text reversed.

Do I manually have to flip each text box again?

It seems as if there should be a way to force text to be readable (not reversed). I just want to flip the location of all the text/notes/sketchup model, but not reverse the text.

Thanks for any help! I have searched and not found any answers…

The safest solution would perhaps be to actually mirror your SketchUp model. You would have to redo your LayOut dimensions. Using workarounds usually only postpones the ultimate necessity to do things properly. Talking from bitter experience.


If you right click on the objects in LayOut, one of the options should be Flip > Left to Right. I think you will have to go back and flip all the text back as well and move it, but this may be the quick way. It looks to me like the best way is probably to select every object on the board and flip it all at once, so it all stays relative to the center of the sheet as opposed to the center of each object.

The best solution to this appears to dimension the plan in Sketchup. Before flipping the plan (Scaling -1), put all of the dimensions into a group. Scale both the plan and dimension groups together and the dimensions will appear correctly in the reversed plan.
With this approach, you can get a reverse reading plan in just a few key strokes. Warning - exploding the dimension group will result in unpredictable results with some dimensions reverting to their former location.
You should also try putting the dimensions and plan into the same group before scaling. This appears to work as well but the dimensions are a bit odd if you attempt to make adjustments to the plan.

I have done this before and it does work but the dimensions won’t reconnect to the drawing. So if something were to change in the sketchup file the dimension wouldn’t follow. Do you know of way to do this and still keep the dimensions connected to the sketchup file?