Flip everything but not text


I wish I could flip my entities in such a way that everything get’s mirrored vertically/horizontally, except text.

I understand that people might use the feature to create mirrored text effects, but I wish there was an option to turn it off as Flip is very handy to setup viewport layouts but flipping text makes it… well… hard to read.

Also the way I see it:

  • a text that flips left to right and is right justified, should now be left justified;
  • a text that flips top to bottom and is aligned to bottom, should now be aligned to top;
  • a text that is centered should of course stay centered;

Both turn off mirroring text when flipping and invert justification/alignment when flipping could be preferences set by user, so we can keep creating mirrored texts.



I use mirrored SketchUp views to create reflected ceiling plans, but it requires that I place all my annotations in LayOut.


I was not asking for text that comes from sketchup, I also place all my annotations in layout… But if you flip text in layout it get’s mirrored and unreadable.

I have a lot of situations where I want to flip Layout’s text but not mirror what’s written within.

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Agree… in 99% of any situation, you don’t want the text to flip with the rest. But as you said, the justification would need to fallow.

When I need to shift elevation marker from right to left, wich happen pretty often, I need to shift every single element independently. This is a huge lack of Layout.


Agreed, it’s something that should be added pronto - I remember starting to use PowerCadd 15 years ago and it could do this then …

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Has anyone found a fix to this issue? I am running into the need to make reversed sets of plans and it would be significantly faster if I could mirror all my groups without the text coming out backward. Thanks

The only solution is avoid mirroring stuff unless you realky have to…

Totally agree, same goes for leader labels. It would appear that dimensions already are doing this, which has been helpful; would be good if all other text did the same.

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It is Sketchup’s inability to respond to such a simple request that is forcing me to jump ship. I have been a user since version 1 and have been using Sketchup and Layout exclusively for my architectural drawings for 5 or so years now. BUT…there has been no support or significant evolution with Layout in at least the last 3 major releases. LO is clunky at best with dumb things like this. It is frustrating because I had high hopes for the direction of SU/LO, but I’m tired of waiting while making compromises in the graphic look of my drawings, and inventing work arounds in my process.
There has been advances in SU due to the third party plug ins, but because LO doesn’t have this ability and the owners of SU/LO have put no advances/support into LO, it keeps it from being a serious enough program for the professional industry.


Yup, I started using PowerCADD (PowerDraw at the time) 29 years ago, and it did that back then too. I still rely on PowerCADD in lieu of Layout.

Guys, I created a Font that I use just for this reason, The Font is a very basic one with Uppercase, Numbers some characters. Feel free to create your own if you need lowercase etc. I will attach it on the following post (which may be removed by the board if attachments are prohibited) the goal is the create a font that is flipped vertically. Hope this helps you. Good Luck!

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What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete and update your forum profile.

Latest one SU23

Sorry Guys but the system would not allow me to upload a Font based file. hope there is another way… :frowning:

Put that along with the current operating system and graphics card in your forum profile.

What file format is the font file?

(.otf) and (.ttf)

Put them in a zip file and upload that.

Rcp-Regular B.zip (11.1 KB)

Tx DaveR!

Just a side note, you’ll have to restart LO after pasting the Font into the Font folder, otherwise LO will not recognize it.