Flip Model INCLUDING Scenes


Another feature request: Can we have the option to flip / mirror the entire model INCLUDING scenes? It would be extremely useful to preserve scenes instead of having to reorient the camera and configure new scenes from scratch.

Interesting idea.

How are you using the scenes?

I provide architectural designs and drawings for residential homes. In a lot of cases, clients will opt to mirror the floor plan to better suit their property’s topography. Unfortunately this change request can happen fairly far into the design process.

I’ll have scenes set up for plans, section, perspective views of casework and exteriors, interior perspectives, elevations of kitchen casework and millwork drawings, etc. If I merely group and flip the model on its axis, most of those scenes need to be recreated from scratch, and also a ton of re-annotating has to happen in Layout. It can be a fairly time consuming endeavor.

Revit is pretty good at the whole-model axis-flipping… some reformatting has to happen but camera views are flipped as well as text. I suppose the latter would be difficult to achieve between two software (Layout and Sketchup)

What if you just flip the viewport left to right in LayOut? If the annotation is done in LayOut you would have to move some text but that would be it.

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