Text mirrored on components

Often times when I’m preparing a cut list I’ll add text to a component and put it on a layer I call “Labels”, so I can easily hide it.

Like DaVinci, I can easily read the mirrored text. But is there a way I’m not aware of to avoid this?

I don’t know cutlist well but 3d text is a glue to component, so you can add your text outside the component and mirror just the component and the text will remain glued to it and the right way around. Don’t know off hand how that works with cutlist though.

I don’t use an app for it, I make my own in LO after the fact.

But I don’t add the text until my model is constructed, so any component I’ve scaled at -1 ends up with the text mirrored. So unfortunately the damage is already done.
So you’re suggesting that if I add the text before I scale, it would not be mirrored?

Just tried that, it doesn’t seem to work either.

I think you are suggest ting to put the text outside the component? But that won’t add text to all of then quickly.

Are you putting the text on or in the component?
If you put it on and use flip along the text stays correct, if you use scale -1 the text mirrors, but you can use flip along to get it back.
If you are putting it in the component then it’s probably more complex.

I am adding it “in” the component so all 20 instances reflect (no pun intended) the change.

Flip along won’t give me “mirrored” pieces unless I don’t understand the concept of “flip along”.

Why not?

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Because some of these pieces have dadoes that need to have an actual left and right to them.
If they were just flat pieces, no problem.

Upload a sample for me that you think can’t be flipped.

And maybe that’s my problem, I should have scaled, and made the scaled one unique. But let me isolate one of these sides, the model is over the upload limit for here.

How about this.

Here’s a piece of it.

Box for Box.skp (276.8 KB)

Thank you so much for all the time you are giving me, but it’s just the text being mirrored that is annoying.
I modeled it, I can read it, I was just wondering if there was a way that I didn’t know that would prevent it from happening.

Nothing in there that can’t be flipped.

Back to the text, if you put it in the component it saves time because it goes to all instances, but if you put it on you can easily reverse it.
I’m not sure I have a good answer for you.

I’ll bet if you don’t have a good answer, there’s not one to be found.
Again, thank you though!


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I’m sure @DaveR does, but he is incommunicado just now.

We’ll see I guess! I’ve noticed he’s been absent. I actually got to answer a question. :wink:

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If you make all the reversed ones Unique you can flip the text in one hit.
By the way, you have several doubled up components in that model, I mean more than one copy in the same places, actually I think you just have a double copy of the whole thing.

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True, but then you have to be careful that you edit both instances the same. So I guess I’d rather brush up on my mirrored reading, than discover my sides were no longer identical.
I’m actually pretty good at that mirrored reading thing, if I decide to roll to my right whilst I’m in bed I can see the TV and Closed Captioning in a mirror.

That’s weird about the double copy thing, I can’t even find them in outliner.

Never mind, I know why, I deleted a model that was huge in a model I already had open. That faucet scaling thing, and when I copied and pasted in place, I couldn’t see it so I did it twice before I did a zoom extants. But my full model is clean.

Thank you though.