Mirror a component

I know there had to be an easy way to do this. I have a component that will be a left piece and a right piece on a larger object. I’ve drawn the left piece and made it into a component. Now I want to mirror it as a right piece. Thought I could move it using a distance of -1 (I read that somewhere a while ago) but that didn’t work.


Evidently you remembered wrong. You can make a copy of the component and then use the Scale tool with a scale factor of -1 to make a mirrored copy. Or use Flip Along from the right click menu.

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It’s not move, but Scale by -1
or you can use the flip along command.
Dave was a touch quicker.


Dang, I knew it was something like that, Scale! Not Move/Copy. Thanks.

And I totally forgot about Flip Along Axis.

Much appreciated, and it’s great to have such resources and great minds available in such short time frame.

Mike Conder

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