Copy and mirror component


how to copy a component and step and repeat the image across an area?


Use the Move tool. Hit Ctrl to invoke the Copy function. Move the first copy the required distance and hit enter. then type xn where n is the number of copies you want. Hit Enter again.

It’s a good idea to look at the Help files, too, when you have questions. They can be enlightening. For example:

As for mirroring, you can use Flip Along or the Scale tool and -1 for the scale factor.


If you wanted every other one to be mirrored, you could do the first copy, flip the second version, then select both before do another move/copy. Then you could type xn as mentioned, and you would have a row of alternating components where every second one is mirrored.




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Mark, what exactly are you drawing? Perhaps with more information, I can give you more detail.


Array is the term you’re searching for…


With those contact details I think I know more about Mark than about me.

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Rather than make something up, I’ll admit, @colin, I don’t understand your question.


It’s a rather appalling pun, Hooray for Hollywood.


Isn’t this about copying a component to fill an area rather than along one straight line or curve, i.e. like a “string” of components?

Copy the selected “string” of components in the perpendicular direction, just like you did / would do to get the string: copy once, then type 7* [Enter] to get 7+original times the selection.

As for Hoorayllywood, I wouldn’t know how to do that.


Appalling is my middle name. My parents had a strange sense of humor.