Mirror of Same part

Is there a easy way to make a Mirror part has lot so things sticking out and Re-making the entire base and adding in all the rest seems to take for ever . . Maybe some one make Mirror extension for the Program Save tons of hours and mumbling about things LMAO . . In 3D printing would save days of remaking same part going in the other direction . . ! . . A Maybe Invention and get rich LOL then I can afford this program ! And New Laptop with gobs of video built in . .

You are back on cryptic form…
To make a mirrored copy of a ‘part’ [probably a component-instance or maybe a group], you simply need to copy it off to one side of the original, then select that copy and Scale it.
Pick one of the green handles relative to the desired ‘mirroring’.
Drag the geometry in the desired direction and type -1 + <return>
The copy will mirror about the axis of the chosen direction…

If you can’t be arsed to learn the SketchUp basics, then perhaps consider installing my olde plugin, which does it for you in a few steps…


I did a search with the Search thing and did not come up with the link to a Extension for doing it . . But thanks for the way to save me a few hours of measure draw and add to the part and over again ! . . Will download the extension any way just so it is there next time . .

Had to come back again and RE READ the How To again . . Got big part to mirror as I really did not write down the sizes of things while making the first part . . Major mess up on my part as it came out GREAT and worked just like it was supposed to LMAO

Polished stainless steel works wonders they tell me.

This is the part I was talking about ! to me it is big on a 3 D printer step-stool-right-1-2.skp (1.1 MB)