Help on mirroring objects

Does anyone have any clever suggestions as to how to SIMPLY mirror objects. I find this to be one of the most irritating omissions in Sketchup. It is a critical tool, and not having it is a real time waster. I believe I know all the tricks, but maybe I’ve missed one or two. Below is a simple example to work with. A very simple task in AutoCAD, but, at least for me, an irritating multi-step process in Sketchup.
Take this:

to this:

I like the TIG mirror plugin - from SketchUcation.

Select your object, define a mirror line or plane with two or three clicks, then press Enter, and finally decide whether to keep or delete the original object.

This is a perfect solution, but I’m trying to keep my extensions to a minimum. So I was wondering if there was something I was missing in the base program. The TIG extension should be a basic tool in and CAD program.

You can use Move/Copy and than Flip Along or you could use Rotate/Copy to do it. Both of those are native options.


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Thank you. That is precisely the trick I was missing. Life is Sketchup is now a lot easier.

You’re welcome. There are other options, too that involve only native tools. Scale with -1 as the scale factor, for example. Much faster with keyboard shortcuts.

When scaling an object you can also simply start the scale operation and type -1 to get a quick mirror image of any object.

The copy-scale to minus 1- to paste in place, is a trick I knew, but including a line drawn from the midpoint, and included in the objects being scaled is a really nice enhancement. With your help, I might actually get somewhere … someday.


By the way, it quickly occurred to me that situations where objects are on a different plane than what is being referenced, some extra steps are needed. Duplicating lines, and moving them to the plane of the objects, using inferencing, does the trick.

You can draw in a couple of edges using the midpoint inference.
Midpoint inference

Much better. I wonder just how long it would have taken me to figure that out.

drawing guidelines can help, too:

I would like to thank all of you who got back to me on this subject. What is most interesting is that the mirror command most certainly does exist is SU … a rose is a rose is a rose. What is also interesting is that when I searched the internet for help on this, not only do many sources claim that there is no mirror command in SU, but all of the videos I found were seriously lacking in the essential advice, for example: . What is important for anyone to understand is that mirroring properly in SU is identical to understanding how to mirror in AutoCAD.

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I think it is worth pointing out that some of these methods in this thread are for 2d objects. 3d objects require the move/duplicate and scaling -1 , or the move duplicate and “flip along…” methods.
In general I really enjoy using TIG’s mirror plugin for working on architectural models.

I think it’s important to understand the essence of inferencing when working in 3D. As an AutoCAD user, I can assure you that detail is crucial. When working in 3D, you have to place the axis about which you are mirroring correctly, or it will not come out right.