How to mirror in sketchup

Please I want to know how to mirror in sketchup because anytime I’m working and i ahave objects to mirror,no way; meaning I we have to create another one and this take time…

To make mirroring easier using Flip Along, you can create keyboard shortcuts so it’s only the press of a button to create the mirrored entity.

Or use the TIG Mirror pugin from Plugin Store. Register free, and download is free too.

I use it frequently.

Here’s a direct link

I think it is important to understand what happens to the geometry when you mirror.
Scaling by -1 will mirror in the direction of whichever scale handle you grab, and can be one of the most straight forward ways of mirroring.
Plugins, Flip along etc are excellent, but just knowing the background is important.
Here’s a quicky where I use Copy, then scale -1 (which is a snap to amount), the Paste in Place.