Wouldn't it be useful to be able to modify Scale Tool to make it "Scale/Copy"

Move/Copy is so useful. But I think Scale/Copy could be useful too …

To flip a component I would normally context click on the component and select Flip Along (as you are supposed to do!) but I recently realised that you can use the Scale Tool to flip a component as well, by scaling it to “-1”. It flips the component, and places it exactly adjacent to where it used to sit. This is actually quite useful when creating a pair of doors - as per the attached video.

But in this case you have to Copy, then Paste in Place, then scale/flip the copy. By using shortcuts this can be pretty quick - but if Scale could be modified to Scale/Copy the process would be even quicker. I think I’d use it all the time to create symmetrical geometry. But it could also be used to quickly create and place two adjacent items of different sizes. Eg a 1000W cabinet could be instantly Scale/Copied to “-0.5” or “-500mm” to create a 500W cabinet adjacent to it. Or you could very quickly create two adjacent items in the golden ratio by scaling to “-1.618”.

Does anyone else see that as a tweak that would save them a few valuable seconds many times a day…? Or is it just me …?

Interesting idea although probably not something I would use. Maybe others would use it, though. There are already at least two mirroring plugins available. I find moving a copy of the component(s) and keyboard shortcuts for Flip Along work well for me. I generally still need to correctly place the copy anyway. Many people like the mirroring plugins and they are cool but you have to first identify the mirroring plane. Move/Copy and Flip doesn’t require that.


I also have a keyboard shortcut for Paste in place which I use frequently.

Thanks for getting back to the idea DaveR. For me the beauty of the Scale/Copy idea (if I do say so myself!) is that you could place the mirror image exactly adjacent to the original in one swift move. ie - no moving and then carefully placing - even if you don’t know the dimensions of the objects involved. And no need for plugins.
But I suspect the gains aren’t enough to warrant the development time.
I do like scaling to -1 though. I’m gonna keep doing that!

Yes, Scale, -1 works well for placing components immediately adjacent to each other. The various mirroring plugins are good for that, too, since the mirroring plane is likely already defined. More often for me the objects I want to mirror aren’t adjacent to each other so Flip Along is my go to.

Scaling a copy to a mirrored version isn’t restricted to -1.

other options:

  • to minus other factor like -0.5 or -1.618
  • to exact dimensions like -300mm or 36"

So your request is more like an option to have Copy tied to / followed by scaling the selection.

Yes - I think that’s fair! Just trying to save a few key strokes. Move/Copy is really “move a copy”. This would be “scale a copy”