Is it possible to make a symmetric scale while coping?


For the scaling tool the control modifier works as a simetric scaling, instead of coping like it happens when using moving tool.

Is there anyway to make a symmetric scaling and a copy at the same time?

I know something like a workaround, you copy the shape, then you scape, and then you paste in place, but I’m interested in knowing if there is another way.

Thank you.


Patterns feature of Spirix plugin might suit your needs: (spirix.rbz Download)

Here is how it looks to give you an idea:


Thank you.

However I’d like to know if there is another way using the built-in options.


If you are using groups and components you can copy using Ctrl+C, paste in place (I have assigned Ctrl+Shift+V for this) and scale the newly placed copy. For loose geometry it wont work though since the pasted geometry will merge into the existing. However you can temporary groups it and explode the groups when done.


Cool, thank you :wink:

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