Help with scaling part of an object


Okay, I’ve done this before many times in SU 2013 but now can’t seem to do it in SU 2015. Just the rough top part of what will eventually be someone’s chest-plate, but did one side and wanted to copy it over the the other side. But apparently the scale tool “flips” it over. That’s the way I’ve always done it, copied it, pasted it, and flipped it using the scale tool, ended up with a perfect mirror image. But now it no longer works. Any ideas?


“Flips” it over as in turns it upside down.


Not without seeing your model. The Scale tool can still create a mirrored copy of the selected entities like it always has.


Sounds like you are scaling with the wrong handle.
A direct mirror horizontally is done with the middle handle on the side and scale of -1.


You speak offhandedly about “chest plates” as though they were a common article of attire. I actually don’t know anyone who wears a chest plate.

In any event, scaling an object to -1 produces a mirror image.


Can't use the scale tool to mirror objects (and can't find the post):(

flip on z axis generally turns it upsidedown, flip on red left to right. flip on green front to back


Just to clarify, if you use the wrong handle it will flip and mirror.
There is also the flip command in the context menu.


I know. I know. It’s part of a gaming model.


I’ll have to try this–sounds easier than trying to use the scale tool. But the problem might be with my computer going wonky right now. I tried to upload a simple picture, and Sketchup glitched on me, seriously. So, the answer to my problem might be just in my software. It did rain earlier today, and we had a very temporary power outage that I have a thing which catches that and supplies power to the computer, however, it did something screwy. I know because I did load a picture, but no picture came up.

So thanks guys.


That is exactly how I’ve been doing it all along.