Mirror image copy will not align perfectly, off by 1/16

Made a copy and flipped it to finishmy part. I had the copy selected and aligned it with the original. When a zoomed out it was 1/16 off. Now when I try to select, the whole part is selected not just the copy I need to move.

How do I move the flipped copy 1/16 then add it to the original so I can 3D print??

Exactly how did you go about copying flipping it? Why don’t you upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?

Ill see if I can find a utube video that shows how to upload

You’ve uploaded skp files in the past. Do the same thing you did before.

I dont recall how I did it. I tried using the Upload icon above, but I cannot find the file on my machine. Itried to search my C drive, but no hits.

You are using the web version of SketchUp. Click the folder icon and choose download, to get a SKP file that you can post in a reply here.

Now I remember.I had to download it from Sketchup to upload it to Sketchup

Swingarm5.1CopiedandFilpped.skp (408.4 KB)

If I can get the over lap resolved, I believe I need to get the model reviewed somehow before I send it off to get printed…

Anyone out there recommend a printing service?

I’m not sure if there is a way to use scale to mirror something at the same time as making a copy. One way to get what you wanted would be:

  1. Select your initial half, right-click Make Group
  2. Copy
  3. Paste in Place
    4 Scale horizontally to -1 (which will just scale the copy)
  4. Select both parts, right-click Explode.
  5. Left to right select where the two join, and Delete

To 3D print you would want to have the object grouped, and as a solid, and I think that some parts of the model are not going to be solid without some changes.

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I have erase. Not sure about Delete…

I intentionally kept these tubes solid, as making them hollow with thin walls ruined about 10 previous drawing and I was told I needed to start over. What is not solid about this model?

I though I would group when I am actually done, (Im so close!) and then see about getting it checked for solid…

It was the Delete key I was thinking of. Right-click Erase would be the same as pressing the Delete key.

Ok. I finally got what you mean. In my screen shot, it was flipped the wrong, after making themirroe image, the part should look like a D that fell over. I got it to align after fiddling with it for some time.

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