Copy and then paste doesn't capture the entire component

Copy and then paste doesn’t capture the entire component

You need to provide more information. Share your .skp file. What are you copying and where are you pasting it?

OK, Copy a geometric component and after pasting, missing a side?

If you are selecting the whole component with a single click, then copy and paste it somewhere else and find it’s missing a side, then probably you have missed that side in making the component.

But without a copy of your model, we’re all guessing.

Download the model to your computer, then upload it to your next post, with the original and the faulty copy side by side.

orbit the component it shows all sides

So there’s nothing missing after all?

That’s all good, then?

Yes, but the copies paste missing a side

So NOT solved. We’d get somewhere faster if you would do as you have been asked, twice, and upload your model that shows this problem.

Pavilion.skp (134.2 KB)

As I guessed originally. And as usual, to his great credit, @DaveR is faster on the draw than I am!

If these are to be legs for a table, I would mirror them (Move/Copy, then flip) so the outside corner of all the copies stays on the outside corner. That way, if you shape one of the legs, all the copied components are correctly oriented.

I appreciate your help and see you show pride in sharing you experience, even competitive. Great to have such help but the condescendingness is unnecessary.

How do you tell it’s incomplete if orbit shows it’s whole?

The fact that a copy doesn’t include all of what you intended indicates it wasn’t complete in the first place. Or as Dave showed, moving the ‘component’ leaves one face behind - it wasn’t part of the component to start with.

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You could select the component with a single click, delete, undo. While it was deleted, was there anything still there?


I’m sorry you if you thought I was being condescending. It certainly wasn’t my intention, and I apologise wholeheartedly if it seemed that way to you.

I was just trying to speed up getting you an answer.

Anyway, best of luck in the future, and don’t hesitate to ask for help again as you run into issues in future.


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