Component issue

What am I doing wrong? I create an object, say a circle as the basis of a column. I make it a component. I move/copy it in one axis - x. I move/copy those two in another axis - y. I select the original to push/pull it into 3D and none of the others follow. ?

If I go as far as the first move/copy and then push/pull it works. If I then copy/move those they don’t respond to pushing when I operate one of the originals. ???!!!


If you share your SKP file we can easily tell you exactly what is wrong.

A common problem new users seem to have is that they create the component, open the component for editing and copy the geometry inside it. The correct thing would be to create the component and copy it without opening for editing.

There is no file - it was the first operation… but that’s the answer thank you! All working as it should now.


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Also make sure that you have ‘Replace…’ checked so the grouped geometry will be replaced by the new component. Otherwise you have just added a new component to your library and continue with loose geometry

Did you copy the component as a whole, or were you still inside of the component and and copied content within it?