Missing edges in copied component!?

I’ve successfully created a component and copied it into a new file. The copy is missing a number of, but not all of, its edges. I can’t identify a rhyme or reason to which edges are missing, and i’ve tried to explode and re-copy and a non-component set of planes, but the result is the same. The model seems perfectly normal in its original file, and the styles are identical in both source and destination files. Can anyone shed light on this for me?

Sketchup Pro 2023 Version 23.1.340 64 bit
Lenovo Legion laptop
nvidia Geforce RTX/AMD Radeon/AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX 3.30 Ghz
Windows 11 Home version 22H2

Share the original component so we can see what you are working with.

Of course, apologies -

Well, here’s the model I’m trying to copy. The destination file is too big to share, however…

As I was trimmed excess components from the destination file in an attempt to get is small enough to share, I noticed that miraculously my copied component had re-grown its missing edges. I’m now able to copy and paste the POOL VOLUMETRIC component at will between two open Sketchup windows without issue. WTH?

I don’t see any issues with the file you shared. Is it possible that you had hidden some edges and forgot about them, or that they were in a nested context so that unhide all wouldn’t see them?

It’s pretty safe to say your issue is due to incorrect Tag usage.
GIF 14-02-2024 11-02-38 AM

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I was away from my computer but @Box has identified the issue.

ALL edges and faces should be created AND remain untagged.

Gotcha - tagging is a relatively new set of skills for me, definitely still finding my work flow

Good practice is to tag only groups, components and non-geometric entities like text and dimensions.

Leave “raw geometry “ (edges and faces) Untagged (Layer0 in earlier versions of SU).

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