Flip Along Mirror and attach both halves

Drew half glider wing. Selected, copied, then tried to attach both halves to make one wing. Doesn’t work.

How do I take the mirrored halves and make it one?

Was the wing geometry grouped? If so, either open the group for editing, copy the geometry, move it and flip it before moving it back together. Or copy the group, flip the copy, and move it into place. After that, explode both groups and regroup into a common one or explode only one copy, cut (Edit>Cut or appropriate keyboard shortcut.) the geometry to the clipboard, open the other group for editing and hit Edit>Paste in place.

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No I did not group.

Did you move the end of the copy to meet the end of the original?

I drew a 12"x3" rectangle then drew half the wing. Did not use push pull to give it depth.

Wing is drawn using the rectangle to as a border.

When you move the copy to meet the original, make sure you are grabbing it at the corner or edge that will correspond with its counterpart on the other copy.

After I flipped the copy I moved the flipped half to meet the original but it does not want line up in the middle. Slightly off a bit.

Should I delete the rectangle that I drew the wing in?

You need to grab the shape by a corner that has a place to go.

Yes. If you don’t need it anymore.

Should I push pull the wing to give it a depth or thickness bc this is 3d?

Well, you could. My example isn’t 3D.

Awesome example Dave. Nothing like a visual!
Do I need to push pull prior to deleting the rectangle. I can’t pull the wing up as is.

I would erase all the edges you don’t need before making it 3D.

How do I raise the wing to give it depth or thickness, so to see more than a line from the front and side view??

Use Push/Pull on the face.

Oh no I goofed. I copied cut the original wing bc and did not group it. I did paste into a new Sketchup page so the wing is the there. But the original isn’t on the original page. Shoot if I had I would have been able to drag a copy out onto the screen.

I selected the wing but once I use push pull the wing is deselected.

Do I need to redraw the wing?

Are you sure you got Push/Pull?

I redrew the half wing. Push pull to 1/8" depth. Erased the unneeded surfaces but the wing interior is clear so I see Skethchup green inside the wing outline which is white.