Need help with copying boards on an arch

Hi Community, I need some advice/help on copying boards along an arch. I’m drawing a rocker and it is arched and I have boards that connect the arches together and they are spaced 1" a part and align on a path that is 1" in from the edge. (I can provide the drawing to make it clearer). I’m not sure if the follow me tool is best to use for this and if so how do I make them 1" apart? or if I should use the copy tool? If I use the copy tool how do I allow the boards to follow the arch? Let me know if you can help and I can share the drawing. Thanks I really appreciate the help and the community.

You might be able to use the Rotate/Copy feature if the arches are circular arcs. If they aren’t there are some other manual options and maybe an extension of two that could help. If you share your .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve set up, we can give you some solid advice.

Kids Arch.skp (35.9 KB)

Thanks Dave, Not sure if the drawing is coming through. Let me know

It came. I was answering an email but I’ll look at it.

OK. I deleted the mess of guides to clarify what I did. I also exploded the group and made a component of the rectangle in the middle. Since your arch is circular there is a center. I marked the center of the inner arc with a guidepoint so you can see it but it could be found with inferencing. Select the board component, get the Rotate tool (Q) tap Ctrl to activate the copy function. Rotate the componet through whatever angle you want (type the angle if needed) press Enter and then type x3 or whatever number of additional copies you need and press Enter again.

What kind of rocker are you modeling?

I already build these but have paper plans, and I’m learning sketchup.


Hey Dave, First of all thank you so much for your continued help, do you work for Sketchup? If not, thank you anyway. I’m getting closer on my Arch drawing. I have the slats going across, well almost I’m stuck on two slats, I cant get them to push pull across. I was wondering if you could take a look at what I’m doing wrong. Again I really appreciate your help and very quick response. Thanks Joe

Kids Arch Version 3.skp (218.1 KB)

You’re quite welcome. No. I do not work for SketchUp and they don’t pay me to do this.

There are no faces inside their perimeters so nothing for Push/Pull to work on.

Dig in through the nested components until you can select one edge in each of those slat ends. Then trace an edge with the Line tool so you get a face.