Feature request: Scale tool different colour/appearance for 2D objects vs 3D objects

I’ve recently been using thje scale tool alot to reflect things (-1), and I’ve made a few school-boy errors as when I’m in parallel projection plan view, the scale box LOOKS identical for 2D objects as to 3D ones. I had to keep re-orienting to a slight isometric to ensure I was reflecting along 1 axes only.

Would it help anyone else too if the yellow with green dots scale box was orange with green dots (or something slightly different)?

There is a possible similar argument for the blue component surrounding box to be slightly different for 2D vs 3D objects too, as for very thin ones it can confuse and lead to those minute errors that I find it so hard to completely eradicate…

Just a thought…


For those of us brought up on Autocad and the like, the absence of a Mirror command is noticeable. SU provides two native ways of mirroring, the one you describe and Flip Along. You have discovered the limitations of scaling and Flip Along is limited to the main axes. It is not surprising that someone ended up producing an extension that works more as a seasoned CAD jockey expects. I use TIG’s Mirror regularly. It allows you to mirror in any plane and to keep or discard the mirrored object.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into that.