[solved] Scale tool's yellow box appears in wrong place - is this a bug or corrupted model


anybody ever had this before? or know a cure?

(screengrab shows yelllow scaling box in empty space, not surrounding the blue selected shape)

I’m working pretty close to the origin, and have saved and re-opened the model. The behaviour only happens within two components.

I assume it’s likely to be a bug or a corrupted component.
I’ve gone too far in this model to want to start again!

Thanks in advance for your sage wisdom


Any chance of sharing the model?


fraid not. my boss/client has asked me not to. Thanks for your time though. Any ideas that i can check myself?


Maybe there is something in the group which you do not see. It could be a guide or section plane or just some stray edges (On different Layers!) . Check all in the View menu and have all Layers turned ON. Something might turn up.


good suggestion, but i tried that when it first happened. But when I realised that whatever i selected, the yellow box is offset (by the same amount) i realised it was something amiss with the component - like it has it’s origin mixed up or something. When i scale using ctrl, it draggs everything way off to one side, to the centre of the yellow box rather than the actual object selected… very odd


Is the model a long way from the origin?


That is a mystery. I can’t find a way to duplicate the behavior. You can copy the model in to a new instance of SU 17 and see if the behavior repeats there.


You said you were working close to the origin, but is all your geometry in the model near the origin? Any other geometry in the model which is either huge or a huge distance from the origin can cause strange visual effects. By huge I mean over 5000m.

If you copy a component or part of it to a new file and you still see this problem, maybe you could share it here without giving away your entire secret design.


no it wasn’t fat from the origin, nor the component’s origin. I do seem to have fixed it (at least short term), by just simply moving the origin for that group of components.

That doesn’t explain the original behaviour, but as long as I can move on and easily fix any re-occurrences, I’m good. Thanks for your time and expertise.


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