Not Sure What To Call This Issue

Hi guys,

So I’ve been using SU for several years and have never had this issue. Please see the attached photo. When I Zoom it starts showing the interior of the model prematurely, to the point that I can’t even edit in the center of the screen.

Thanks for any ideas!

That’s called clipping. Lots of people discussing it and the solutions.

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Thanks! That’s good to know, I’ll search for that. Frustrating that it just “randomly” started.

There are a variety of causes. If you upload your SketchUp file we can help you identify exactly which one is involved.

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Too big. :confused: Seems a strange rule in a Sketchup community site…

How big is the file? Try purging unused stuff and see if that reduces the file size. Or upload it to Drop Box or the 3D Warehouse and share the link.

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Found the problem! Was deleting things to take the size down and removed the Geo-Location and that seems to have fixed it. So for anyone troubleshooting this try removing your Geo-Location if you have it.

Thanks for the help!

So the actual cause was probably the physical size of the location group map. Content at a great distance from the origin.

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Could be. I saw that fix and moved my model to [0,0,0] but I still had a large map area. I’ll play around with a smaller map.

How are you using your model? Do you actually need the map?

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Not while modeling. I was using it to checking shadows bot I can toggle it as needed. I shrank the map fairly small and it was still causing some clipping so I just turned it off.

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