Scale and Clipping


After reading about clipping issues I am sure of what the problem is. I started a model in Metres (by mistake), after a lot work realized the issue so I scaled it down by a 1000 times and changed the units in the model to millimeters to get the correct measurements. And now it clips badly. I tried the copy paste to a new project, does not work. It is a known issue apparently, that too much scale causes clipping.
I use Sketchup PRO 2020

Any suggestions on this particular situation? I guess the advice I need is more regarding Scaling?
Thank you

You probably didn’t scale everything down. One little edge left ‘large’ will cause clipping.
You could add you model if you want someone to look at it for you.

After you scaled everything down, did you select each component, R-click, and Scale Definition?

That would (if I understand it correctly) replace the scaled geometry with ‘right size’ geometry in your model. Otherwise, there’s still huge geometry that needs scaling every time SU redraws the viewport.

Don’t know if that would have the same effect as @Box describes for loose geometry, but it seems that it might.

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