Zoom Pan Rotate Clipping Fix? SU 2017

I apologise if I’m posting some old information, but for many years I have been trying to find a fix for unwanted zoom clipping and I think I found one and feel I must share it.
Firstly this:
But I also found that, as I use SU for 3D printing I often have to re-scale (x1000) to get circles to work. This sometimes means that I get a mix of objects drawn at different original scales within the model. Some objects may be originally drawn in metres, some drawn in millimetres, then scaled to metres. - especially when importing components. So I found that after deleting all guides, exploding groups and creating components throughout, clicking [scale definition] on the context menu for each and every component resets the origin and scale and zoom clipping disappears!
This sorts it for me:
I hope it helps someone.


If you are scaling components instead of the geometry within, you should be using Scale Definition to correct the scale information in the component’s definition anyway. If you open the component for editing and scale the geometry within, the definition gets the new scale information automatically. If you find you frequently need to scale components up to work on them, you could do what I do and use The Dave Method. Scale a copy of the component, leaving the original where it is. Do the work on the larger copy and when you are finished with it, exit edit mode and delete the large copy. The original will have been edited in the same way.

Since you are modeling for 3D printing, an alternative method would be to model at 1000x all the way through. Set units to meters and enter your dimensions as if they are millimeters. So for something that is 50mm long, you would model it as 50m long. No need to scale it down ever. Export the STL file (which has no units) and import it into the slicer software telling the slicer it is millimeters. If you are modeling in inches, you can still use meters. Just tell the slicer the units are inches instead.

Here’s an example. The model is in meters, STL imported into the slicer as millimeters.


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