Zoom in loses view of model

Have imported a 2D CAD file which is not to scale and have reduced the drawing to scale and then built a 3d Model. It has a number of layers and grouped elements. When I zoom in to a limited amount it appears to section the model and therefore looses part of the view. It also does this at some angles when I ‘zoom limits’. I have assumed that it is to do with the grouping but when I remove all the grouping the same happens on zoom. I am now stumped. Any clues or suggestions gratefully received. Screen shot should show truncation at front of model on grass bank and main structure.

It’s called ‘Clipping’. Search the forum for that word.

To clear it, Zoom Extents and use Camera/Perspective

To add to John’s post,
looking at your screenshot and comment that it is a cad import I’d guess the clipping is being caused by your model being a long way from the sketchup origin.
When you imported your cad, did you select ‘preserve origin’ or similar?

Many thanks John. It seems to fix in one view but when rotating to another angle is seems to do the same. It would also appear to be described as a problem waiting to be solved in one of the forums.

I will have a look as it certainly was miles away from the origin when it landed

Move it over to the origin. Select it all, grab a corner and start moving the entire model. Then let go of the mouse and type [0,0,0] with the square brackets. Hit Enter and the corner you grabbed will be located at the origin.

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Thanks for all the information and advice. Biggest issue seemed to be that it was a long way from origin. Now resolved and working as expected. John

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