Model cuts off as I zoom in

My model cuts off as I zoom in. It’s the fist time it has happened. It happened after I imported a AutoCAD plan into my sketchUp model.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Scaling the model and seeing if it helps.
  2. Checking Zoom extents (was 32.9 deg (I have SketchUp Pro) and I changed it to default 30)
  3. Tried turning all layers and hidden geometry on and checking if anything interferes with the model.
  4. Exploding the imported AutoCAD model and deleting all unwanted edges.

None of the above helped. I have imported CAD models before but haven’t experienced clipping. I read about Clipping but it seems none of the fixes I read of online helped.

Any ideas? Thanks.

This is indeed classic clipping. Here is some basic reading on the subject.

Try isolating given areas to work on by hiding layers or make components of things then open that component for editing while hiding the rest of the model. Check to see that your DWG import has not been placed miles from the model origin.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. I tried all of the fixes given in the SketchUp help center, I couldn’t get it working. Even hiding the entire model and working on just the connection part doesn’t work.
Strangely, starting a new SketchUp project and copying only the connection part and working on it gives no issue.
And my imported model surely was imported way off the origin. I exploded it and deleted the unnecessary parts, brought it close to the origin and worked on it. That didn’t work either.
Seems I’ll be working on two SketchUp files and copying and pasting from one to the other.

Did you try copy/pasting the whole model into a fresh file? Also, basic question, how far across is your model, more than a half mile?

Yup, copying and pasting the entire model doesn’t work.
As I am working on the model it’s close to 100 m . The imported model which I later deleted was a little more than half a mile away from the origin.

Hmmmmm… 100m is not too big. With all layers on and hidden geometry on does zoom extents back way out? If so there might be some bit of geometey hiding far from origin. Sounds like youre doing all the right things. I’m guessing the file is too big to post otherwise I would want to take a look for myself.

Nope, with everything on, it goes back but not way back out so I am pretty sure there is nothing hidden far off.
The file isn’t big (just 3.01 MB). Here’s the file.

Please try this link:

Try this one. I removed some stray geometry.
Jososhi_SolarProjectBox.skp (2.3 MB)

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I’m on my phone tonight, but I’ll have a look tomorrow and see how it behaves on another machien. Cheers.

Yes! @box to the rescue.

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Thank you @Box. The length at which it clips has shortened a bit but then it’s no where close to being able to work with.
Thank you for helping!

It’s alright @endlessfix. I need to submit it today so I guess I won’t be able to use your fix but I’d appreciate if you’d have a look and let me know tomorrow so I can understand what was going wrong. Thanks.

Would this level of clipping work for you?

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Box, Thank you! I think that level should be manageable. How are you decreasing the distance at which the connection gets clipped?

Here you go. Check if this works for you. I reset all the components axes. Then copied it all into a new model, without the two floating edges.
Jososhi_SolarProjectBox01.skp (2.6 MB)

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Thank you Box, I think I’ll use this model and proceed with the work. Cheers!

Glad it works for you.

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Well @AllenWalker I’m a dollar short and more than a few days late, I ended up staying away from home longer than I had thought. But just to follow thru I downloaded the model and checked it out. You’re right it was clipping badly. I was able to make a big improvement simply by copy and pasting everything into a fresh file, but nothing better than what Box had already done. Just didn’t want to leave you hanging and wanted you to know you weren’t crazy.

One trick you can use on really large models where sometimes clipping can’t be avoided is to cut the component to the clipboard open new file and paste in place, this puts the object in the same position relative to the origin, then you can edit in that separate file and copy paste-in-place back into the original model. good luck.

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Thank you for replying. I am glad I ain’t crazy! :joy: Thank you for the explanation. Good day!

It has to do with your field of view. Go to camera and reposotion your camera or change your field of view.

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