Tried all suggested fixes, but objects in my model keeps disappearing when I zoom in

I tried the suggestions on the link below, but nothing seems to fix the problem in my model of objects disappearing when I zoom in. My model is 28,000 KB.

Any help would be appreciated

It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see what you have going on. It’ll be too big to upload here but you could upload to Drop Box and share the link.

hi… I believe you assisted me with a previous issue. apparently, in the meantime, my file will require dropbox. Can you access it from my college’s dropbox if I send it there? It says it is a public dropbox.

You can try posting the link to see if it will be available.

I have uploaded the file to DropBox…

When I zoom in on an object, the object disappears. I did all 4 suggestions on this topic to try to fix but to no avail!
p.s. I have not fixed my tags yet per your suggestion…

Are you setting the camera to Parallel Projection? In the Perspective view I’m not having any problem with clipping unless I get in extremely close to something like the tip of a snowboard component. Even if I wanted to work on the geometry there, I don’t need to get in that close.

It wouldn’t hurt to just eliminate some of the stuff that is outside the building space or at least give those objects tags so you can turn them off while working on some smaller details.

And remember to purge the unused stuff. It’s not doing you any favors.
Screenshot - 3_3_2021 , 8_06_19 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, closed and reopened the file and the zoom is a lot better now that I did the 4 suggestions and I believe perhaps my viewing angle was the rest of the issue now. I will put the other stuff on tags and do the purge… thanks for your assistance…

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Another thing. You’ve moved the model axes and you have your model over a nautical mile from the origin. That’s a sure way to get clipping. Right click on an axis line and choose Reset. Then move the whole model to the origin.

I found two issues. One @DaveR already pointed out: your drawing axes are shifted over a mile from the model origin. But in addition, there are some groups with all of their contents hidden located yet another mile farther out! The hidden contents make these groups impossible to see and very hard to select! After unhiding their contents, they look like this:

Here’s where they are found:

Both the extreme distance to the origin and the extreme spread of parts of the model (compared to the size of those parts) is causing SketchUp to struggle with managing the camera position and clipping. You will need both to move the main model contents to the origin as @DaveR recommended and move these hidden groups closer as well.


Thank you for the additional info! I really appreciate it. The file was given to us by our professor and I knew something was amiss early on when I tried to do a section cut!

Thanks again